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Blog 10

       Paper View       Plain Text View     https://www.newsy.com/stories/president-trump-again-falsely-claims-he-won-reelection/ (Links to an external site.) The 2020 election seems to have Americans at odds more than ever. The projected winner was Joe Biden, however, President Donald Trump is refusing to concede, citing voter fraud. Some people have been reporting to major news sources that they have … Continue reading Blog 10

Blog 9

NEWSY.com captures the latest world headline news, and in November of 2020, most of that attention is centered on the presidential election. They encourage their readers to be informed on voting and the candidates themselves. Newsy will also provide live election coverage, which is where they will highlight the results and have their journalists and … Continue reading Blog 9

Blog 7

Venice Beach, California home of the world’s biggest stars, impeccable weather, and crazy street performers. This California beach is widely known due to its location, and the market that surrounds it. California to many it its own bubble, the surroundings, and the culture, one may see is vastly different from most parts of America. The … Continue reading Blog 7